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Global Forensic Accounting Recruitment

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Hamilton Mackenzie’s success is built above all through our understanding of not only your technical requirements but also on a knowledge of your culture, vision and the type of person who will add value, succeed and enjoy a career in your organisation.

Our team has experience in assisting both established organisations in the Forensic Accounting market and also those who are attempting to enter or have recently entered the market. We have a track record of building successful teams from initial Partners/Managing Directors for new-entrants to specialist new teams and strategic hires for existing Forensic Practices.

As you would expect, we provide a full range of recruitment services including contingency, search and selection and advertising in order to attract candidates.

However, unlike other organisations, when presented with a requirement, we will quickly let you know where the type of candidates you are looking for are currently employed, how many there are in the UK (or elsewhere in the world if appropriate) and what you should be offering in order to attract the best. We will always give you an honest assessment of how realistic your requirement is and suggest ways that we can work together to get the right person on board. Our network and market knowledge is unrivalled - we are confident that the information we give you will prove both accurate and invaluable in allowing you to manage your existing resources and realistically plan for the future. In contrast to many traditional “search” and “head hunt” firms, we know many of these professionals personally, and are able to quickly and confidentially approach them with your opportunity without the need to undertake the traditional, often time consuming and expensive, research stage.

We are incredibly proud of the high level of candidates referred to us through our network. Our reputation means everything to us and there is no greater compliment to our service than when somebody in our network introduces us to somebody in theirs. This, combined with our understanding of you and your organisation, means we will occasionally contact you with candidates we feel could be of interest.

Our professionals have a considerable track record in succeeding to find the right person, where it sometimes seems almost impossible. Past examples include:

  • Assisting a Big 4 firm with the recruitment of a director for a regional office where a search/headhunting firm had attempted for a year with no success;
  • The placement of a founding European Managing Director for an American organisation who had met over twenty potential candidates over 2 trips to London – the successful candidate relocated from a regional mid-tier firm;
  • Facilitating the “importing” of Forensic Accounting expertise to geographies where the market is less established and local professionals are few and far between for a number of Big 4 firms.
  • Providing a London based mid-tier firm with a Forensic Accounting Partner who had previously been located in the Midlands running his own practice.

Using our international reach and considerable local network, we are often able to identify candidates from overseas or the UK who are willing to relocate for the right opportunity, increasing the likelihood of filling your requirements.

Please contact us in confidence to discuss any requirement.

If you are an international client or based in the UK and looking to either establish or grow an international Forensic Practice, please visit our International page.

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